Broke Bitch: Size Inclusive and Affordable Clothing (for spring & summer)

Spring is here, and the warmer weather is approaching. Time to start wearing less and going out more (as Drake would say). But, no in all seriousness with the warmer days comes, the less clothing — time to show off your beautiful body whatever size, shape, color, etc. And trust me if anyone knows how hard it is to feel comfortable in less clothing, it’s me. I am a girl who is right on the cusp between “normal” size and plus size, my dress size is a 10/12. But it’s time to embrace our bodies, show it off sis. However, you don’t want to go breaking the bank with some new spring clothes. So here are my top 5, size inclusive and affordable stores to shop at for that warm weather clothing.

1.) ASOS -

2.) Old Navy -

3.) Missguided -

4.) boohoo-

5.) Savage X Fenty-