Who Got The Funk?

When Spring comes along, the weather changes and so do we. Our bodies change and so can our mood. Our emotions can spike and we may not understand how to deal with it. The most important thing to do is talk about it and realize this is normal, and you will find a way out of the funk!

There are a few ways I can recommend to get our of the funk a little faster.

  • The first would be to get up and just do it. I am fully aware that this is the hardest thing to do, and most of the time is impossible to do! I recommend taking baths and short walks to really open yourself up to escaping the funk.

  • Netflix is always a great place to drown your funk into. The worst part of feeling stuck is when you can’t stop thinking about it. So escape and watch your favorite Netflix shows!

  • When the Spring weather kicks in, this is the time to go on car rides with the windows down and your favorite music blares over the speakers. This is the BEST cure for funks!

  • Finally, I recommend sleep. Sleep your way out of your funk. Usually, when you're feeling stuck in the funkiest funks, you need rest. Take a break and nap.