Baybs is a digital magazine that is made up of young writers that have an interest in fashion, sustainability, music, art, and much more. 


The First Two Baybs

In the beginning, it was just an idea. The blog was to become a magazine, something to do and enjoy. This hobby was a dream job and Olivia Howley wanted to share this with her best friend, Emily Hammerschmidt. The two began BAYBS as an online magazine, with hopes to expand. 

Moodboards were an essential part of their business plan. Both best friends have a love for creating aesthetically pleasing content. They share the dream of becoming fashion journalists, and put all these goals together to create BAYBS Magazine. Altogether we cover topics from fashion to music to sustainability and so much more!

Just because these are the first two Baybs, does not mean they're the only ones. BAYBS Magazine has great writers, who are shown above, that cover topics that mean something to them. We want you to write for us too, so please apply! Help us grow.